We develop better leaders so they can build a better future

We train and coach leaders to make these four things happen in your business:


Fully Engaged Employees

What would your future business look like if each of your managers understood how to create teams of fully engaged employees that showed up every day ready to contribute to the future of your business?


Stronger, More Capable Teams

What if the teams in your business innovated, collaborated, and communicated in ways that opened new doors and created new and better paths to success?


A Culture of Accountability

What if everyone in your business took complete ownership of the way they worked, the results that their work generated, and the opportunities available to improve the future of the business?


Faster, Easier Organizational Change

What if change happened faster, with less resistance, and with more success in your business. Where would it already be?

No one ever said, “I can’t wait to get to work and be managed today.”

Success is optional, but 4th Gear Consulting can help. We work with leaders to help them take their teams and business to the next level.

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