• The Value of
    Individual Coaching

    Coaching to increase your
    leadership capability

  • Make an Impact
    with Team Consulting

    Help your team become fully accountable
    and reach their true potential

  • Powerful Keynote

    Strong and dynamic presentations that
    create momentum and drive change

leadership development

Your business can only reach its full potential when your leaders reach theirs.


leadership development


Most businesses are built to deliver their product or service, not to manage change.


organizational change

employee engagement 

Businesses with fully engaged people win bigger and faster than their competitors. 


employee engagement

4th Gear Consulting is a partner who will work with your team, your culture, your budget, and your aspirations to make your business more successful. We help you build stronger leaders, a stronger culture, accountable and fully engaged employees, and the capability to execute change more quickly and effectively.  Success is optional, but we can help. 


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Develop Engaged and
Committed  Employees

Businesses with fully engaged people win bigger and faster than their competitors. Nearly 70% of employees are not fully engaged.*

Employees fully engage and commit when you have stronger leaders and a stronger culture.  Here’s how we can help you get there.


Individual Coaching

individual coaching

We offer individual coaching to help your people make the critical shifts necessary to quickly become more effective leaders.


Business Consulting

team consulting

We assess your talent, your leaders, your development process, your organizational structure and your culture and then help you build a plan to create the future you want for your business.

Training and Workshops

training and workshops

We build custom interactive workshops and learning experiences that will cause your team to commit to the mission of  the business and fully engage in executing that mission.


Keynote Presentations

keynote presentations

It's expensive to bring your team together in person. How you spend that time, matters. How much momentum would you like to create at your next event?


Partnership. Support. Reliability.

You deserve a partner that takes the time to understand your business,
your culture and your leaders, and then helps you take all of them to
the next level. 

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