Those who are acting in fully accountable ways by focusing on the future, thinking about possible solutions, being proactive, and taking ownership of their results or those who are becoming victims by spending more time in the past, dwelling on the problems, placing blame, and being reactive. It’s nearly impossible to think any business would want a victim culture, but you will find it to be present on many teams and throughout many businesses.

Culture can be defined, designed, and built. Creating a culture of accountability will take any business to a higher level of success.

However, unless leaders are equipped with the knowledge and processes to create that culture, they will have to settle for whatever culture evolves in their business based on the habits of people who work there.

Accountable employees are one of the engines that drive business growth but they do not happen by accident. Your leaders will do the things that cause accountability if they understand the process for creating and sustaining it in your culture.

If you want more accountability in your business. We can help.