Business Goals

December 7, 2009

If You Build it They….Probably Won’t Come

  I’ve worked with a lot of companies that focus on changing their processes to improve efficiency and improve execution. It’s amazing how much simplifying a process or removing a hurdle can help people do their jobs more effectively and improve profitability. Unfortunately, many organizations also try to use process to change human behavior. That […]
November 18, 2009

Stop Playing and Get Back To Work

  A good friend of mine sent me a video clip the other day that I found to be very interesting. It was an experiment conducted at a train terminal in Stockholm and in this day and age of viral information I’m sure many of you have seen it by now. The experiment was to […]
November 9, 2009

The Platform is on Fire…..Again

  I had never heard the term “burning platform” before. Apparently it got used a lot in the company I was working with though. The executive said that this new initiative was critical and so the team needed to create a “burning platform” to instill a sense of urgency in the business. I found out […]
July 19, 2009

Hope, the Leader’s Special Sauce

  The job of a leader has gotten much harder over the past year or so. Let’s face it, it’s relatively easy to get out in front of people and be positive and uplifting when things are going well and business is growing. Lately though, leaders have had to take the stage and deliver somber […]
June 15, 2009

Survival Mode Can Kill You.

  I can’t count the times I’ve heard the expression “survival mode” over the past year.  It seems like every company struggling due to the recession moves into “survival mode” as if they physically relocate the entire organization to a place where thinking past next month’s numbers will get you kicked off the island.  After […]
May 10, 2009

A Buyer’s Market for Talent

  If you have ever wanted to upgrade the talent in your business, now is the time.  There’s never been a better talent market and there are some highly skilled employees available that are looking to work in a place where they can make a difference. Under normal circumstances, these kinds of people are fully […]