Employee Engagement

March 20, 2013

Employee Engagement Doesn’t Just Happen

  It seems almost foolish, we put people in a business, tell them what to do and because we pay them to do it, we expect them to be fully engaged and committed to doing what they are told.  But that rarely happens. They usually show up engaged on the first day, but often, only a […]
April 12, 2012

Employee Satisfaction is not Employee Engagement

  Many businesses have been measuring employee satisfaction for years with the belief that satisfied employees are more engaged and do better work than unsatisfied ones.  While there are certainly some components of satisfaction that might lead to more engagement, if we are focused primarily on keeping our employees satisfied, we may not be keeping […]
February 20, 2012

Who Needs Employee Engagement Anyway?

  Employee engagement is one of the terms you hear a lot these days and I’ve certainly used those words a great deal in the work that I do.  Most everyone agrees that if you want to grow a successful business you need employees that are engaged.   It’s important, though, to ask the question why.  […]
January 25, 2010

Employee Satisfaction – It’s Not Rocket Science, Part II

  In my last post I talked about the research done recently indicating that employee satisfaction across the country has tumbled to an all time low of 45%. I listed one key to creating organizational satisfaction and in this post I’d like to touch on two more. Here’s two more reasons that organizations don’t often […]