July 19, 2009

Hope, the Leader’s Special Sauce

  The job of a leader has gotten much harder over the past year or so. Let’s face it, it’s relatively easy to get out in front of people and be positive and uplifting when things are going well and business is growing. Lately though, leaders have had to take the stage and deliver somber […]
July 13, 2009

Learn From the Leaders Around You

  I still learn about leadership every day. In this challenging economic climate I’m learning faster than ever and often from people who might not be considered traditional leaders. I’m learning from people who have lost their job. Their job represented the ability to feed their families, raise their kids the way they want, and […]
July 6, 2009

Dangerous Curves Ahead

  I came across an article in Business Week online last week that I found amazingly refreshing. It was written by Shoshana Zubroff who was a professor at the Harvard Business School and taught in the MBA program there for 15 years. In the article she states: “I have come to believe that much of what my […]
June 26, 2009

Self leadership – the Toughest Kind

  I often get asked about what makes a great leader.  I used to try and cover all of the aspects of leadership when answering that question, because leading others is a complex and dynamic art.  Now I often just answer with a simple phrase: they lead themselves first. In most cases great leaders were […]
June 15, 2009

Survival Mode Can Kill You.

  I can’t count the times I’ve heard the expression “survival mode” over the past year.  It seems like every company struggling due to the recession moves into “survival mode” as if they physically relocate the entire organization to a place where thinking past next month’s numbers will get you kicked off the island.  After […]
June 1, 2009

Three Important Questions

  It’s been said before that leadership is not about having the right answers, it’s about asking the right questions. Many people hear that and picture the leaders thoughtfully posing deep, introspective questions of their followers. Asking questions that cause them to think differently and ultimately come to the right conclusions on their own about […]
May 24, 2009

Bad Leadership Works

  One of the toughest challenges I’ve faced in my years of working with leaders is that there are so many individuals who appear to be successful and yet they have spent much of their time using with fear, intimidation, and a draconian approach to managing others.  There are far too many examples of people […]
May 17, 2009

Don’t Look Now But You’re Being Watched

  I was in a high level meeting at a huge company once when the leader in the room sent an assistant out to retrieve lunch.  The executive had not eaten lunch yet and it was creeping into the afternoon hours so not all that uncommon.  What happened next though, shocked me.  When lunch was […]
May 10, 2009

A Buyer’s Market for Talent

  If you have ever wanted to upgrade the talent in your business, now is the time.  There’s never been a better talent market and there are some highly skilled employees available that are looking to work in a place where they can make a difference. Under normal circumstances, these kinds of people are fully […]
April 27, 2009

Engage Your 4th Gear and Go Anywhere

  I knew it would happen when I named the company 4th Gear Consulting. I get a lot of questions about the name and what it means and I enjoy answering them because it really is at the heart of what we are about. Many people assume that it’s about speed and while that’s certainly […]