March 28, 2009

About Randy Hall

  Randy Hall is the founder and principal of 4th Gear. He is passionate about developing amazing leaders and thriving, principled organizations. He believes that nothing will have greater impact on our economy, our communities, our lives and our kids’ lives. For more than two decades Randy has worked for and with organizations to help […]
March 17, 2009

Harvest Time

  Recently, I was having a conversation with a client when he mentioned that they were working harder to develop their leaders now, during the challenging economy.  I asked him how they were justifying the investment of time and money given that their business was well short of their revenue targets.  He said, “our philosophy […]
March 9, 2009

Up Off the Concrete

While doing some work with a not for profit organization recently, I was talking to a young man who had been living on the streets for quite a while.  As he was telling me a little about himself, he exclaimed “I’m a chef, that’s my profession.”  I was struck by the fact that he didn’t […]