Okay, so that isn’t much of a revelation, but nonetheless, if you examined many businesses you would believe the managers are still trying to work alone. They operate as if they have to have all the answers; meetings are a waste of time and used as an exercise in delivering instructions, people are listened to based on the position or the tenure they have, and people long ago stopped trying to make a difference because only management could do that. Employees are simply doing only the work they are assigned. It’s a recipe for disaster, but some of us are still trapped by it. In most cases, leaders do not understand how to break that cycle.

They can also become capable at getting diverse teams to work together with common goals in mind and attack the future with passion and energy.

Leaders have two choices; they can either follow the habits from yesterday or learn how to get more out of every team interaction. They can do this by building processes and systems that help create candid discussions and surface new ideas.

If you want your leaders to lead like that and your teams to work like that, we can help.