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    Compliance within your business means leaders must have every answer and solve every problem. Commitment within your organization creates employee engagement that can take your business to a whole new level.

    Your employees will make choices to either show up fully committed, or to put in time for a paycheck. The leaders in your business are the single biggest factor in determining which choice they make.

    What Leaders Will Learn

    Participants will gain foundational abilities to do the following:

    Who Should Attend:

    Existing leaders throughout the business who manage teams or individuals who are expected to have a level of influence throughout the enterprise regardless of hierarchical status.


    Leading Through Influence is offered as a one or two day workshop. With the two day option, participants undergo a 360° feedback survey that gives them insight into their current level of influence in the business. They will use this data to build a plan of action to increase their influence and shift leadership patterns that are causing them to be less effective leaders.


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