We develop better leaders so they can build a better future.

Our Mission and Vision

4th Gear Consulting is a partner who will work with your team, your culture, your budget and your aspirations to make your business more successful. We help you build stronger leaders, accountable and fully engaged employees, and the capability to lead change better than your competitors.

We work to help the people and organizations we partner with achieve everything they are capable of and more than they thought they could.

How We Got Started

In 2009, Randy Hall left corporate America to help build better leaders. He believes if our leaders are better, our businesses and communities will be, too. He found on his climb up the corporate ladder, he encountered too many managers who were simply issuing instructions, telling people what to do, and wielding their authority like an engagement-killing weapon. Randy knew there were better ways to lead and he believed, in some small way, that he could be a force to help aspiring and developing leaders take a different path.

The name 4th Gear came about because we spend billions each year training people on skills and imparting knowledge that never gets used. We can continue to focus on knowledge, skill, and experience but without commitment, all that knowledge, skill, and experience is wasted.

The biggest challenge in business is not that employees don’t know how to do enough things well, it’s that they are not fully engaged and committed. Great leadership can change that. Great leaders know how to create fully accountable and engaged teams who apply all of their knowledge, skills, and experience to bear on the future of the business. That’s where success lives.

Randy coined the concept of the fourth gear because if knowledge, skill and experience are the first three gears of success, they are useless without the 4th Gear of commitment to drive them.

Our Team


About Randy Hall

Randy Hall, has worked with organizations of all sizes, from Fortune 25 businesses to small and midsize organizations,
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About Sandi Grivat

Sandi Grivat is an independent leadership and communication coach. She helps leaders grow across critical domains—
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Rebekah Biercz

About Rebekah Biercz

Rebekah Biercz is the Director of Content at 4th Gear Consulting. A seasoned instructional designer and facilitator, she...
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About Cherish Berna

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